rosa est , nisi sciat,

Are white people better than black?



I’m not black or white or blue :
Turns out you are me and I am you !
In my hand come place your hand
Knowledge – it means to understand .
Like I’ve cried , you’ve cried tears too ;
The old worlds gone , let’s make one new!
You feel , I feel , you think , I think
Many cups but one source of water we drink
I saw you stumble forlorn and I knew ,
Transparency , i saw right through you .
Languages are different but the same
Different levels and views of life’s game


I saw one earth , one moon , one sun .ūüĆĽ
Varied perceptions but we are one .
Whatever I do to you I do to me ..
This is the power of seeing omnipotently.
How about I be me and you be you too
We’ll meet halfway that’s what we’ll do ?


you’ve felt not good enough and nor have I ;
We both been lied to , a wall , a great divide .
Tell me your story and I’ll tell you mine .
To judge is human , to forgive is divine .
Night follows day and day follows night
Sometimes we wrong and sometimes right
Truth is white needs black & black needs white
Like ying and yang , we balance the tides .
We may be magnets on opposite sides
But invincible powers are poles when they unite.



The reason humans think they not pretty
Is cuz they don’t use soul, oh what a pity !
And human kinds going down hill fast
The white , the black , the blue – it’s passed
A new worlds coming and this ones to go
The government hide it but they do know
That’s why they say new world order a lot
You know the secrets but you forgot
The tides will rise and more besides
And you’ will fight and fixate on lies


And little by little , mankind will perish
But the rainbow warriors , each other cherish
Awaken now for they keep you busy
With trump, racism , money to make you dizzy
Not realising a new cycle has already begun
A holes been eaten even inside the sun


And while you wonder if your black or blue
You lose all the power locked inside you
And money won’t save you nor will skin white
Our ancestors left us messages : let there be light !

They left us secrets , everywhere carved
But to get media attention everyone’s starved
I know some secrets I can’t openly reveal
Listen to your heart and what you feel .
You’ll know when you know -it just feels right
FYI your souls not blue or black or white
And the sun doesn’t over skin discriminate
Heed my warning before it is too late !


-Anastacia Fearless of sf bloodline




Did Kim kardashian’s ass break the internet or was it the other asses ?


Why are we so obsessed with hollywood and Kim kardashian ? We love – we hate – but these people don’t pay our bills .

Worst of all it Leaves you EMPTY INSIDE.

A wise man called Solomon once said ” the eye is never sick of seeing .”

Fact : we are obsessed with IMAGES.

when we say images , I mean – literally ! It doesn’t even have to be real . ¬†We like that land of make believe and makeup . Nothing wrong with makeup and accessories btw but keep it minimal if possible and remember it’s not you . You are the soul inside . I will tell you a secret ..


Thats why we have to have laws and learn how to project charisma and win friends and influence people . ¬†We study how to copy this and it’s ok to have a wall of protection but not a mask ¬†. A mask is very dangerous because …



Our essence comes from more than images : it comes from being a soul with dreams and emotions and spiritual yearnings and sensitivities . Cover that up too much and your true power – the subconscious which creates – is lost and begins to fade . The mask must get bigger after this .

Let’s face another fact, what you see in Hollywood is not reality . No one looks like that in the cold light of day , not air brushed ; no ones perfect but we are PROJECTING AND PROTECTING AN ILLUSION .


IF only souls had before and after pics !!

Fact : everyone will die and age so get a soul . This material life is temporal and as a master 33, I have discovered reality has more layers than makeup . I do not own the image above nor am I making fun of her , of you , of me .  With respect , I am merely shedding the temporary layers we cover our true selves in .

I was watching a YouTube video of cardi b and this lady was likeable but something bothered me and I couldn’t quite place it ..eventually , I realised . She was doing this comical voice which was funny and cute and Yet disturbing … why ? Disturbing because I realised , She was acting . She had on a character , a role , a persona and stuck her enhanced breasts out because she knew – the world didn’t value the real her and it didn’t see souls !!


In Eyes Wide Shut film , it says the chilling ¬†words that people couldn’t fathom:

” will you kindly remove your mask .”

!!!!! CHILLING!!!!!

Bare faced the person knew that they were not good enough for this secret echelon Рsomething  was missing !! They had no true self to present and overcome the issues .

WHO are you when the worlds not ¬†watching ? If you had the power to not be judged what would you do ? ARE YOU AFRAID TO KNOW YOURSELF AND TO KNOW YOUR MATERIAL BODY WILL DIE .Why can’t you look inside and find your real self ?


You are not an image because you change constantly from baby to every step in between and so does your image . If you could look perfect , would that be enough ?As image is ever changing and a perceptive illusion , who dictates your camouflage ?

Snakes shed skins and trees their leaves. Camouflage is inherent in nature but are you not deeper than a snake and tree ? Change is ever constant . Why do you change only your image instead of also polishing your soul?



Are you afraid to change your beliefs ?

Are you afraid to face your true self and learn of death and life and immortality ?

Afraid to learn of  ancient myths and world wide codes and meaning and purpose ?

If you died tonight , do you have the power to inhabit your soul which is merely the true you but vibrating at a higher frequency , higher than material manifestations which fade ??.

In order to have treasures in the soul , you have to lay treasures up , to collect and you can’t to that if you invest only in Hollywood and the land of actors .

You may watch them but when you feel empty and you will – come back to your soul -!remember my words and ” kindly remove your mask” at least when you are alone ¬†.

After that you will watch them less often and keep it in perspective that it’s only image . ” image “. You will say ” will you kindly remove your mask .”


Why doesn’t Truth and kindness and character break the internet but Kim kardashians ass does !! ??

Apes regularly flaunt their ass .. an ass is just an ass and are we asses ?

Let’s keep ass in perspective and in addition remember ; the shallow world ONE DAY WILL LOVE YOU THEN HATE YOU- that’s what masked bandits do…

…They want controversy and they must destroy the idol they created and in ¬†turn to raise it up again . They smash it to pieces then erect it again or get a new Idol , a new image .


An idol is a powerful thing .

Idolatry means to forget the symbol is less than the inner meaning. A bum is not  a person . Why are we idolising bums ?


How do you break the internet ?

Maybe its already broken when big asses make it go worldwide and amazing messages are ignored ..broken asses !!

From a Freemason who does not affiliate with the 1% but is in own league , I can only say in conclusion –

what if you needed to pay attention but you forgot ? “‘Kindly remove your mask .”

And go break  that internet with better messages than ass ass ,  bum bum .. dumb dumb .


If so , ” would you kindly remove your mask ?”

It could be your ass is bigger … or that you are the ass for worshipping ass .

If so , ” would you kindly remove your mask?”























The hidden monster

A slide show ūüćí

It is not god or the devil that I fear
But the dark places inside us near
The monster that is man with no soul
An abyss – a bottomless hell hole

A liar from the beginning to end
A deceiver , a Judas , a fake friend
It is not I that killed the world we protest
we are in dominion of earth none the less !!

I fight only with the monsters inside
Like viruses inside me they all hide
And I am half light like Jekyll and Hyde
And my soul is the forsaken bride

I worship my body forgetting it’s only flesh
Not to be hated but only has a tiny life breath
And it seeks only to enslave , master and slave
It is only the heart that is endlessly brave

To be master of self is the highest wealth
Nothing higher in heaven and earth length or breadth
The body a programmed machine seeks to own
But we can conquer it by faith and hope alone

Tribulation is when you fight the dark half
Tribulation is when the beast populace laughs
Revelation is when you see the outcome of choice
And you hate all the horror that we have caused

When earth is a desolate animation of wasteland
Then shall we repent ., see it was done by our hands ?
All of us on earth worship images that are fake
We made all of this system make no mistake

And if you want to free yourself fight only inside
All the monsters only within us they hide
And if each human fought like this we turn the tide
But if not woe woe woe for the beast will rise

The beast that is us must have power and war
Must have worship , a jealous god we are and more
We are the destroyers and purveyors of death
But we also have the hope of eternal breath

Flowers bloom and hope like poppy seeds
We can grow blossoms or terrible weeds
We can hate and blame or conquer this machine
For all of life into eternity is only our dream

So imagine new ways and new ways can be
Ask the universe for Help and so shall it be
But if not soon war will come and disease
We reap what we sow .. so beware if you please IMG_3196IMG_3153IMG_3156IMG_3174IMG_3210IMG_3203

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Secret hidden Codex of the universe

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If we don’t think we aren’t.

“Uni -verse “:world made of words or codex.

Universe is a bible made of words and spells Рcodex . Frequency is  codex ,energy is only codex .

If your code changes you change and this is called DNA and if your code was for an ant you would be an ant ūüźú.

So , I study codex to unlock universe.

DNA and plants and seeds- codex .viruses are codex too for computer or body or mind.

So the spell fairytale is not so silly of sleeping princess . We could be under a spell, literally , Locked in by patterns of thought , of being , of codex .

And new codes open new windows hence they named Microsoft windows By accident or through some awareness of this secret?

And every sense is in fact a window, an opening into universe, allowing in codex …here we have words,¬†Transmitted
As code in energy pockets . And they come from thoughts .


” in beggining was the word “It’s saying creation is from word .And not so silly now hey !!!¬†It’s saying thought Is creation or god or everything .

So now do you know why I study codex ?


Dreams  are code too.



there are no lies then only codex and the bible Itself taken literally is Babylon a mess just like the human mind , but deciphered , its a book of genius and cannot be read from start to finish but ” line upon line , here a little and there a little ” seeking for codex .

Treasure is always hidden and so are gems of esoteric knowledge. Nothing worth having is in open. It is hidden and you dig¬†¬†for it . It’s like pearls hidden deep within and swine will not value pearls as they have not sought for them .

A map is only as good as the person seeking . You can’t blame a map for being lost when you are the one mapping journey and when the map could be encoded . ¬†Would you leave the revelation of the universe in plain sight or make it a maze so only true worthy seeker will find it ? The answer is plain and clear , treasures are not handed out on a platter nor keys to hidden cities .

2 fools exist one who believes and one who discards . A wise man makes poison into treasure and knows his garden has weeds and he is responsible for his upkeep .

Your neighbor may be lazy and you blame his Bad garden ¬†on his book and give up but all is good and evil and seeds and ¬†weeding are of our choosing , don’t maintain your house and garden it falls in disrepair . Nor do you give up on your garden if your neighbors is faulty .

Codex means the seeds are of your choosing and the book of life contains Both .. weeds can be used  too for medicine with wisdom and this is wisdom .

you are good and evil and can summon both and this is free will so it’s not a book makes you evil or people around you but your eye.

What codes are in your mind for as you think in your heart , so you truly are !


DO NOT BLAME THE COOKBOOK WHEN YOU ARE THE CHEF . Recipes can be adapted or not followed . Bible is a recipe book and so is education and all around you but you are the chef ūüĎ®‚Äćūüć≥. ¬†You choose your recipes and you make sure your restaurant serves it well . Blame the recipe book it is you who are a fool but earth is full of fools and wisdom is not easy to find .

In English 26 letters have infinite meanings and so is codex . All things must be looked at in codex and our mind pulls out and creates meaning and just like you can’t understand all languages , so codex can be hidden from mind .

If you speak an ancient language , what will my English mean to you and vice versa ? Meaning is something we endow and we cannot see until we decipher .

Universe is biblios meaning code and Babylon is scrambling of code .

Whole universe is biblios / Babylon-2 edged sword .

The decoder is paramount . Are you a believer , a prejudiced rejector or a decoder ?

A page is a field , a mind is a field . You do not reject your body if it has viruses but seek to heal it and overcome . You do not discard your garden because weeds grow . Nor do you discard a book or page if it contains some evil but you pick out the gems , you sift it and discard rest . You can collect the weeds and mulch or burn them . ¬†Are you all good ? Do you enjoy something all good or is it boring ? Reality is it’s boring . Therefore the greatest puzzles hide the best gifts .

Humans in their faulty thinking pick sides , pick religions and pick ideologies but ¬†a decoder doesn’t but seeks meaning in EVERYTHING. Even A bad situation can lead to good or a story where the character chose badly . The character in story believed their choice to be good and so you see it is in life , in movies and in the bible and all of life is a bible or biblios of codes.

If you Throw away a treasure chest because it contains some fake treasure , you will lose the real treasure . Bible and life is a treasure chest where you seek for the gems and polish them .

Why is that so hard to figure out ? We processs our food to make it palatable , we study meanings into art but we forget the ancient great minds spoke in codex . I write all my books in codex and sometimes the ideas seem silly but I know the hidden meaning . This makes the books interesting rather like a Rubix cube or an eternal puzzle you can always peruse .

We are a puzzle to ourselves but we do not discard ourselves .

A good tree draws good nutrients from the ground and a bad tree will focus to draw poison and create poison . Which tree are you ? Even poison in right quantities is good and one cannot know good unless one knows evil and, there is only one good- to know and predict outcomes -one evil to not know and so be ignorant and bring forth unknown fruit we are unhappy with .

we are the metaphorical Adam and Eve standing in front of a tree of life choosing the codes go in and some of the codes lead to death . We are in the garden of good and evil , how hard is that to figure out and we do reap what we sow – codex .

It is ” ¬†alpha and omega ” uni verse of codex . This is our garden and our biblios codex seeds .

Seek and find !

THE REVELATION IS AT TIME OF HARVEST – you will reap what you have sown !!

You will be sealed into your choices when they come to fruition and no matter what your belief , you will be faced with the realisation of your choices and THIS IS THE ONLY REVELATION .

Be on guard lest you regret your choices and beware whose side you take as it could be the enemy ‘s.

Some people will appear to suffer turning away from the promised routes of the world but if they follow their souls and pick right seeds in the end their harvest will come to pass . Not all seeds will come up either , remember this .

EVERYWHERE.. seeds . Anything we do or think is a seed or codex . We choose !

Free will is scary but awesome and don’t worry every garden has weeds but don’t let it choke out the good plants or you starve and your lease will be accounted for . ¬†Some weeds will be but pull them out if you can and don’t forget , weeds can return .

A garden is hard work but most rewarding -the codex of life .




























Narcissism does not exist !


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The big lie we are being sold is that narcissism exists . It does not exist but the outcomes and conditions are due something else altogether .

Take a look too how many people are YouTubing and commenting about this and then you realise it’s everyone and someone may include you in that profile . When you add in the people committing crimes , cheating , divorcing , molesting , stealing , religions taking advantage of and cults, ADHD , bi polar and shizophrenia and you name it , what have you got ? A REVELATION OF THE HUMAN CONDITION.

Truth is when you meet people you don’t meet them but their bodies and their brains which are still just programmed flesh bodies . A brain is a map programmed by ancestors and culture and surroundings and experiences. In matrix it says ” free your mind .” The brain is the part of you will rot and it’s Not a higher force . We are all three parts and that’s the bicameral brain then we have the soul . The soul is where we must lay up treasures . The man fights between his beast like body and his soul .

A BODY IS CAPABLE OF ANYTHING, it’s just a machine and flesh . It accumulates false ideas , it rages and lusts, it breaks down . To free yourself you must know this – your body is capable of anything but is not the true you . By degree one can cast off the old body and brain and transorm and reclaim a higher mind but it’s a battle .

Narcissism does not exist it’s merely an outcome of a faulty brain and a machine like body incorporated with sensations . You’ll see that the higher a being seeks knowledge , less will they Manifest THE BEAST. The search for knowledge frees us not trying to be good because you can decide to be but you can’t maintain it . Knowledge seeking transforms the being without trying but it happens in steps or degrees .

One must know too the beast of them and the outcome , the darkness and not deny it but bring it forth or it will destroy you as gnosis says . All of us are beasts and we pretend we not and on the other hand our souls are that of gods but we have not much stored in our souls and we seperate from the solestra ( soul ether or light ) consciousness .

The profiling of narcissism is wrong for it says that one would not like authority but in fact narcissism is all about authority or the beast worships only authority . The one who is free minded is their own authority , authority and laws are needed only for beasts . Beasts need to be told what to do and laws and cages . Free people do not follow or bow down and do not see authority but the conscious soul is only authority with self responsibility knowing you’ll reap what you sow .

Do laws stop beasts from wrong ? No !!crime is  increasing regardless of laws and regardless of threats and jails or loss .  Do cages stop beasts from being beasts ? And a free mind can be free in  a cage . A bad man in jail is still a bad man and a good man imprisoned is still a good man .  The mind is the vehicle and all we are is thoughts .

you only enjoy what you think you do through thoughts alone . Wether you eat or drink or read this or Laugh it’s nothing more than a thought . The thought then and chain of DNA impresses the physical realm and you will see brain patterns and brains and bodies different in criminals due this , physiognomy is cast from ancestral patterns , from abuse , from more . Eventually the bloodline devolves and disease is result . The generations are punished through the DNA link .

To free yourself from generations of faulty DNA ie thoughts and code is a monstrous battle . The human condition is a monstrous condition with ability of gods if broken through .

take a look at the history of humanity and this is apparent . Google crime and see the destruction mankind  has caused on earth and the hurt we each carry inside of ourselves .

Planet of the apes movie referred to this as did Stanley Kubricks space odeyssey 2001.

The human fight is against ourselves and unless we win self mastership, no system can fix it and labels such as narcissism are just an excuse for our human sickness , the beast in us .

Narcissts say they feel empty Because their soul is empty and they don’t know this , humans are so desperate for love they accept faulty love . They must be mated off and paired and if you don’t accept the abuse someone else will , so the abuser moves on to fresh fields but the abuser is the victim of himself . The beast is unhappy and dies a beast and life is over in blink of eye and If reincarnated will never remember but be even worse from DNA linkage .

Next time you see a mean human remember it’s the fleshly monster doing it not the real self and the term narcissism is wrong for narcissists do not love the true self or know themselves which is why you can’t speak to them and explain anything but most humans are like this . ¬†Humans mistake the body for themselves which is why all things on earth are about body and money and if you sell this you do well -666.

They gain the whole world but lose their true self for one can know things and enjoy them but never be Owned by them . Humans are addicts . Bhudda said attachment was ¬†Th e cause of suffering . We are attached to transitory things and rather than knowing them and experiencing them we are owned by them and worship them . A great mind realises ” all this shall pass ” which puts it all into perspective and a higher self emerges not owned by anything but making choices and enjoying pleasure but not as an addict .

Where will you be in a thousand years ? Puts this world into perspective  hey !!

So , in conclusion there is no narcissism just lower or higher self by degrees and our task on earth is to know thyself .

Knowing yourself is the beginning of all  wisdom





Humans don’t know themselves . We accept the normality of the world we born into and when we act like beasts we blame someone else or give it high sounding names like narcissism .

And the beast rages on ….



















The mask of humans


The secret humans don’t know is who we truly are . That I will not reveal as humans cannot bear it but what I can reveal is THE MASK.

every human to a greater or lesser degree is wearing one. What is underneath ? That will only be seen when the mask drops .

The double minded , complicitous liar will strike at you if you attempt to remove the mask . Underneath the niceness of a sheep is a wolf. Sheep are wolves . You can’t be a sheep without having the heart of a wolf for the master of the sheep is the wolf . The sheep want to pretend it’s the scape goats fault , to blame a religion , a group , a colour. In reality , they enjoy being meek because they are complicit to the game .

Nice and manners is most valued in sheep /wolf society  . You can eat them but they will never acknowledge they are complicit to being eaten . You must never unmask them as not being nice .

What is nice ? To obey a world full of lies ? Many cheaters and liars call themselves nice . Nice then is an insulting word to a good person for nice people wait in lines , obey a system that keeps people slaves , nice people are enablers and bow  down . Nice people must appear pleasant and fit in even if the world is falling apart . To be nice is more important to the sick human mind than to be right , noble or truthful or have freedom .

“shhh ” they say . ” Dont let the neighbours hear you .. why are you so agitated , you’ve lost your mind , your over reacting .”

I dare you to disclose to these humans that nice is fake and you will see how quickly you lose them as a friend . They’ll hang up on you , act as if your mad . They want to cling to their beliefs , play a role , hide behind the mask because the truth of who they forgot they are ( secret of humanity it is not ready to hear ¬†) is what they protect .

There is a world wide covenant to protect this secret and every human is hiding from it subconsciously . The better people are the ones who by degrees began to face self responsibility .

The rest will blame trump, the boss , groups , anyone but them . Nice , yes people are complicit . They allowed hitler to come to power .In  a way the mass murderer is the outpouring of our deepest desires we are afraid to do ourselves . Enabling and complicitness , roles and masks fit most humans and our systems




As a Freemason , I must say truth sets you free . I must face the dark places in me I am afraid of , the monsters in me – we all have them .

Nice humans wear masks to themselves . If you don’t lie to yourself , you will find it harder to lie to others .

Next time you see a nice person , ask yourself has nicenesss changed the world ??

Judas will betray you with a kiss .

We go to war but we do it nicely , in uniform , in order . New world order is just order . Order of niceness and image must be maintained. On earth image is everything .

The one who wants to destroy you will become your friend first , your lover . The one who hurts you the most will in general have the softest voice , the nice exterior .

I have had many married men chase me who think they are nice . They don’t argue with their wife . No one knows their secret life . They are nice . They are pleasant until you remove the mask . Their life can’t be whole , it is safe boxes divided and split . People are vessels for use . A home life suits them well to have constant adoration then they receive other gratifications from elsewhere. They go to dinners and BBQs and appear nice . ¬†They speak in gracious tones .

Judas was nice . He betrayed with a kiss .

Beware the kiss of the human serpent !!

Red riding hood knew the wolf wasn’t grandma . Red riding hood got in bed with the wolf and then said ” what fine claws you have grandma and sharp teeth ,”she pretended she could not see grandma was looking very weird . This is the enabling of sheep and complicity .

We sometimes allow others to make us victims because we are complicitous to their treachery and in league of legion . Our intuition told us but we didn’t listen . We were enablers .

Then we protested after the deed was done , we were horrified . That’s what happened when hitler and the dictator ceauascu was downed , the human enablers screamed “victimisation ” but they had enthroned their own eater. The sheep always allow the wolf in for they are not leaders of Selves . They like it easy and to follow . They like to scape goat . They like to look nice as if the rottenesss in society was done by someone else .

We are good and evil .. own who you are and don’t lie to yourself and the truth will set you free.

Pretend you are better than you are and you destroy yourself . Delve into the deep , dark places within . Trying to be good won’t work , you will just cover up a rotting apple with toffee .


Every human is capable of deceit , murder , of wrong doing . On the other hand we are capable of beauty and mercy , love and kindness . Face yourself and own yourself and don’t try to be something you’re not .

The truth comes out eventually . Time will disclose all things .

You may gain the whole world but you’ll lose your own soul , your true self beyond physicality . The brain rots in the grave , trust it not . Beware you don’t betray yourself and hang your self like judas for every action has a consequence and “‘what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ..”

Teachers molest children , priests also , who do you know and trust ?? People use charities and religions and political parties to gain advantage . Serial killers were often married and had normal jobs . Some were religious . Family members most often destroy us . Friends run off with our partners .  Who do you know ? Who do you trust ?

The quiet neighbor next door does he have a head hiding in his fridge? Is he complicIt to a system leaves millions worldwide starving ? The one who loves you cheats on you . Who do you know ? Who do you trust ?

You decide !! Beware the masks ! Stand back and observe .. you will be shocked .


The truth of humanity is a REVELATION.










By Anastacia Fearless Of SF Bloodline.

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Let there be light poem and pictures






Little seed, little seed you are tiny

But if you opened to the light

How mighty you could be

Plant germs , plant germs

And you will reap worms

Plant beauty where you are

You will sow a tapestry of cosmic stars

Here I am , Here i am.  I am not far

You don’t align the sun , ¬†why do you war?

You fight as if you made the universe

You battle each other-every day me curse

If i wanted today , to turn the sun away

Tell me mortal man, what could you say?

You build churches and want me to obey

My respect shows that I don’t your games play

You think I have no feelings, don’t hear or see

That I don’t exist or am carved of stone ,idolatry



You listen to your leaders who are small as ants

And they take your lands with no recompense

The scientists boast they know , they do not know

They didn’t make the universe , their ideas are hollow


How they mock and taunt, and how patient I am

I am not in heaven. I am in plain sight, mortal man

The universe is made of sound so get a sound mind

Images are a layer, your outer eyes are truly blind

I counsel you to buy from me gold tried in the fire

That you might anoint your eyes , see you’re a liar

If i projected an image and you saw me in the sky

You would still pronounce it , a word of a lie


From morning to night, you sell and buy lies

Your number is six six six and you close your eyes

You believe the ones who kill your innocent and war

You listen to the tv screens but not to me any more


Go to a forest human, tell me what you hear

Go to a cascade, as it rushes down in tiers

Did you make this water , this water that you drink?

Scientists boast and pollute it, mortal man, time to think

You want a reason , come let us reason together

Tell me have your ways worked , if this can go on forever?

You despise my people , mock them and think them weak

These ones will inherit the earth, the ones you see as meek


Let there be light dear human, is all I ask

Be like a tree by water, its not a hard task

Water is free dear human, take up your flask

Drink from the everlasting stream , in its wonder bask


Come face to face with me be like a man

You say you are mighty, FACE ME IF YOU CAN

Let us take a journey into the world I uphold

Tell me if your leaders maintain it, come and BEHOLD

Let us count the stars together, see if you may

Let us go and watch the north pillar energies play

I have storehouses where energy multiplies

Look upon it , human, ¬†see if you won’t die.


Have you opened Orion’s Gate, seen my private rooms?

Let me give you the sun on a string, see if you will swoon?

Is it possible dear human you have spoken too soon?

Come now set your face against an ant and its platoon

Tell me if the ants , will of your power be afraid?

Tell me if you by you they will not be dismayed?

Have you counted the grains of sand in the land?

Can you take the ocean and cup it in your hand?


Tell me dear human if you can atoms with naked eyes see


Oh earthling , if only you knew what dreams I had for you

If only you could feel my heart beating the universe through

What would you say then, what reason would  you bear?

If you don’t feel each other’s sorrow , would you of mine care?

Every day you turn away, from each other’s cries

Then indeed I tell you, never upon me shall you set your eyes


Here I am dear human,  you will find me if you seek

How can I contend with you? Are you not indeed weak

Yet truly ¬†I do not set my mind against your’s

Only your leaders as devouring beasts roar

Size is not relevant , I find speech in those who learn

When I speak to each of you, my heart like flames burns

You are my challenge indeed, my sorrow and my shame

And yet did I not make you? No one shall I blame.

Lend me your ears, A secret I shall tell. Listen and listen very well.

You are all creators, you either create or destroy

You must learn respect for each other. My creation is not your toy


All this tribulation has made me greater than I am

You are my challenge humans, I learn or I am damned

What if I turned away, destroyed you and what next?

I would learn nothing, in a universe, empty none the less

I do not want robots, only you and your leaders do

I only ask stubborn human, ” to thine own heart be true.”

Did I not call you forth from the darkness of universal force?

Did you know your name or understand your worth?

Did I not cover you with my hand in all your abominations?

Did you not survive, the deluge, the wasteland, the tribulations?

Then I tell you , It does not matter what you have done

Though you have erred, Turn away now, the future can be won

I will not scold you  if you listen, nor mention your past

Come let us walk together into an eternal path

I am THE CREATOR. I know what you can be

Do not go astray and come on , follow me


Though you are broken as a doll, together you can be repaired

It will take time but the future is your’s if you dare

I am not here human to make you feel small

I am here to uplift you and guide you, whatever may befall

Nothing is perfect humans but love makes it so

As long as we are not alone, new ways we both can know


Do not think I am mocked , laws don’t apply

I will protect my creation, eventually those who destroy die

But I will give you chances, let you have your way

But everything comes to a crux , universal laws stay

I did not make them to thwart you or have fun

The universe was built in wisdom. That’s how all things are done.

If you stab your loved ones, do you think they will return?

There are clear laws and these things you must learn.

If you touch the fire , will you not have third degree burns?

You teach your children ways but from me you won’t discern.


Can you live in the sun and not your body burn and die?

Then you need to grumble and ask me oh why oh why?

I also have something to reconcile with you

You have turned against my people though they are few

You scorn them , mock them, poor now they be

This has been done in and out of my name , in history.

You tell me they are , nobody in society’s eyes

When  I see their hearts, they listen, hearts wear no disguise

I give them messages and you don’t test the message ever

You always decide before hand, that you are so clever

But when your leaders come to you and scientists with news

You hurry to turn on your televisions and the radio too

Have you ever looked on the movie screen that I set out for you?

Sometimes I watch and  ask myself. Oh what shall I do?

Have you seen my tasks and how I am preoccupied

Yet you see me as non existent think that I have died.

Each one of you argues, says I am allah or God

But has anyone asked me , who I am and for my word?


Atheists and religions , tell me rules of which I must conform

May I ask you human, who formed you before you were born?

Do you think indeed that I am a pharaoh on a throne

Do you think the heavens don’t move and I am set in stone?


Who upholds the stars in space and the constellation’s face?

Who keeps you when you slumber so the earth doesn’t open its face

Have you considered the dirt beneath you, the energy I sustain

The clouds of the heaven and the paths of the north and rain?

Have you come to my house and had dinner with me?

That you should announce how well  you know me truly

Based on your outcomes on earth, should I take your advice?

Should I shut down the heavens and their glory wipe?

Should I be afraid? Should I hide and not be me?

Tell me dear human for I made you, where is your humanity?

Did I not provide you enough, land that is now under a crown?

Woe to you in a not distant future when burning stones, rain down?

Then you will seek me I tell you but you will not find

For you have had chances but you made up your mind

It is not I that turns against your or the asteroid sends

You do not know your history, on your leaders you depend

If the earth opened up under you what would you do

Tell me where are your boasts? Old boasts and not new


Thousands of years you’ve had and nothing’s changed

Should I then give you ultimate power when you are deranged?

NO, indeed  I have put a seal on things , an in built protection

It is  a flashing sword, opens only to those with the right inspection

You may look on earth and no secrets or mystery you’ll see

I have reserved those wonders for those who respect me

Want me to come down there? Will you teach me your ways?

May I ask you how many years you need, may I count the days?

May I ask are there not resources for all those who weep

While you accuse each other , the enemy sows seeds as you sleep


Why do you fight  and war so , are you not all one ?

Arise , shine , he who hears,  Open up, . your light has come

Just open as Tesla said as telescopes,  receivers to the sun

You are the moon and I am the sun, together , we are universe=ALL OF US ONE.



let there be light



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