I begin this with a statement: THE INVISIBLE MOVES THE VISIBLE.

Pause a moment and reflect on this…..

Did you know that below in the white gap at bottom of page are words that are covered over by white colour and you cannot see them. Because you cannot see them does not mean that they aren’t there. This illustrates that not seeing something does not mean it is not there. When you consider that you cannot even see beyond the room you are in, you see only a small corner but only in your imagination do you perceive there is more and so you think you see more but you see it only through your imagination not through actual seeing. You may not have been to Paris or France but you know it is there. So, you may not have been to other galaxies but you know they are there.

The writing below is white and so it blends in with the white . You cannot see it . I have not lied that it is there and yet you cannot prove my words unless you select the words itself and make them of opposite color to stand out. What have I written below? Is it important? It may be or may not be but the truth of invisibility is. There are things beyond our perceptions or even our conception that exist , yet you do not even comprehend of them and you cannot see them in any form or manner. Maybe I put an important code below or maybe I did not but you cannot see it yet it is there. Strain your eyes to see it. DO YOU SEE IT??




The words you see here on this page are not just words but thoughts of a process happened internally inside me. This thought itself took billions of years to get here and millions of star pathways moving and interacting and literally an eternity and here I am a part of the universe, an eye open upon the universe in wonder, transmitting my thoughts to you. These thoughts form a part of an eternal link for did not all the cycles of the universe bring me to this moment? I may seem like an accident and you reading this may also seem accidental but it is a long wheel within wheels of events and universal machinations that caused THIS MOMENT to take place.


For too long we have studied the visible without studying the force behind it. There is no visible that does not have a force. The wind moves but it is not the wind itself does the moving but the forces of gravity and clouds, of sea and constellations and energy that conspire to make the wind move and the leaf that you see as one leaf is full of energy that is from millions of years old sun and the earth which its very soil is ancient and water which was used before and recycled by natural processes-the leaf stirs and is picked up and is blown about and it falls before your feet. You pick it up and you see it as a glorious moment or you kick it with your feet and it ignore it. It may even annoy you. You see it as a random occurrence. Yet, this leaf took so long to get here and here it is fallen off a tree , before your feet. The reason the energy formed the leaf and not an animal is the coding within it , the music of the stars, the DNA within it , the writing of its intent and purpose which fills THE UNIVERSE.

Energy is all through the universe but what makes one thing different from another is the coding meaning THE WORD within it. The WORD within it gives it intent and purpose.

Though the leaf appears to you still, it is not still. The vibrating energy of the sun gave its coding power to grow and the water reflected the suns energy allowing the processes to transmute it into a leaf and within itself unheard by you it crackled and it popped full of goodness and it pushed out against the world its forces and opened as A LEAF.


It battled wind and rain, frost and hail. Here it is a word spread before you. It took communication to make it and in order to interact with it , it takes communication. Even seeing something and ignoring it is still communication. You see it before you and your pathways communicate with it and recognize it as a leaf. The wonder of neural pathways beat within you and the water inside of you for we are mostly water, enables the processes to speed up and you may be lost in your thoughts of hopelessness and ignore the leaf. You do not see that it was a communication. You see it as common place for you see but you fail to see that you see-which makes you blind. We are blind to a universe before us for our education and upbringing makes us so with the striving for what we call normality and respectability and making a living and finding purpose. We lose sight that there is no commonality.

Archimedes in the bathtub knew this. A great mind sees no common thing but only sees uncommon beauty and secrets within it and code. The pores of the universe whisper to this being. Newton with his apple knew this . Benjamin Franklin with his kite knew this. Alexander Fleming with his mouldy bread knew this. Whilst a mind who viewed things as common would have been irritated and thrown the bread away and seen it as a daily interruption, a great mind saw a common thing as uncommon. Imagine yourself now in his shoes and you tell your family with excitement the occurrence. “ I have an idea. I am so excited. I think this bread mould may save disease!” Picture the disinterested expressions on their faces and even mocking disdain. This is the humanity we live in and when new truths are declared because of their simplicity they are overlooked or not seen. A great mind sees there is no common place and another great mind does not mock the inquisitiveness of this process of SEEING. In retrospect, we always see but when today a mind approaches you and comments on uncommonality, you may see it as strange, crazy or imagined in its own esteem.

No one sees before them a Tesla for Tesla in his own day was not esteemed . The story of Jesus illustrates this that great people are not esteemed. In this parable, he came on a donkey and a donkey is a commonplace , overlooked and unexpected idea. The donkey is beaten by people as in the related story of Balaam who beat his donkey until his eyes were opened and he saw an angel with a sword which stands for arc angle of frequency or magnetism. If you do not understood this reference , that is ok but just think of it as a startlingly simple and commonplace thing that is not revered or respected and is even mocked due to these qualities that hide its true brilliance. Tesla was poor and he died poor and we expect a great man to be rich and brilliant and with degrees and in ancient times he would have had a chariot or carriage and today he must come in an impressive vehicle and be revered and live in an impressive district. The people who drive impressive vehicles and live in impressive districts believe themselves to be the most uncommon and the Teslas or Jesus’s of the world maybe standing on the street corner they pass and the water from their vehicles splash up on these amazing people. The man of self importance revs his car which he did not make but came from many combined discoveries of great minds of which few made money from them and the people who are not great most often benefit from them. Yes, everyone is unique and everyone is worthy but these people want to believe they are chosen but when you think about it we are all born the same of blood and water and come into the earth naked and depart the same way-so, we are all socially equal. The only real difference is the social connections that make some richer and others not so. The truly great people think themselves equal to others but wonder that the others cannot see that nothing is common.

Of the story of Jesus which I hold to be ONLY A PARABLE OF MAN but you are of course free to choose your own interpretation be it correct or not, he was said to be of Nazareth , a despised place and was a lowly carpenter. So, the great minds of the world may reside in unexpected and not lowly places and be the janitors of the world, the cleaners or the poor. Study Van Gogh’s paintings, his one little bare room. It was tiny and had a little bed and no grandeur , yet today his paintings cannot be afforded and he was a TRUE MASTER OF ART. He was so ahead of his time , he could only be understood in retrospect. Sadly , the great minds are all like this and may take an eternity to even fathom by mankind.

Tesla spoke of things that even now are denied by scientists such as ether which is the plasma of all invisible things and he spoke of the magnificence of the 3/6/9 which even now is not understood. Edward Leedskalnin was a simple small man who lived alone and yet he moved great rocks with gravity and built coral castle with these secrets harnessing the energy of the earth through leylines. This code is called the 144 code and corresponds with the 3/6/9 code of Tesla’s . To most this seems gibberish because of course these answers are startlingly simple and simplicity is the most hard to understand for the mind of mankind.

I will tell you a secret of the brain that is denied and not understood the world over.

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As all is energy, it would then be natural to understand that the mind itself and body run along energy fields. This was very well understood by the ancients such as the Egyptians and they depicted and encoded these energy field secrets in their art which is why they have their hands in strange positions. The secrets of these energy fields I cannot fully disclose as they maybe used incorrectly but you can seek this knowledge for yourself as the steps leading to it are hinted at here.

Simply put, the whole body is split into two which is male and female and the brain itself is split like this which we call bicameral. This bicameral property which takes its energy from the spine of man which in ancient times was known as serpent energy 33 as there are 33 vertebrae in the spine , is flooded with sensory overloads and due to its bicameral male/female nature is always at war. The ancient Paul wrote that the mind of man was DOUBLE MINDED in every way. He was speaking of this bicameral quality which in essence makes nearly all humans bipolar but most in lesser degrees. This is why when the unused potential of the mind is referred to , it is referred to in this way.

This story was encoded in Babylonian times as the story of Adam and Eve and predates the Bible in its antiquity. The right brain was female and called EVE or Imagination and the left brain is LOGIC or LOGOS and is male or ADAM. The serpent energy in between speaks to them and then The right side which is EVE hurries to bite the fruit which tempts her (the right brain not her as in the person EVE for this is a parable misunderstood) and seems pleasing . She takes the fruit and eats and gives to her husband which is the left brain or logic. The logic of course argues with imagination or Eve and Adam says, “ we should not touch this. This is not good for us. We can die. Be careful. “ This is logic speaking. But Eve who is the right brain and is imagination says, ‘ why we are hungry and we can eat of all the fruit of the trees can we not?” She is greedy for more as the imagination is never satisfied. She therefore takes the fruit which is any choice and immediately rushes it to a conclusion and because it is in the middle ground meaning unproven , then disaster is often the result of the tasting or eating before it is proven.

A great mind is androgynous and is neither male or female but is married in between them and the union makes it a genius. In addition it is also grounded in the soul which humans know as HEART or INSTINCT. This ether property Tesla referred to or invisible matter of the soul is as a radio in the universe tuning into its frequency or downloading as in an icloud format of super fast networking in universal format. The brain however which is made of flesh and is twisting backwards and forwards like a serpent is always confused or double minded and does not know itself. It is NOT MARRIED . A great mind must be married meaning androgynous or whole and the code can be said as “ male and female came into the ark. “ I will not disclose the coding but merely paste it here and there for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. To the rest it will remain a mystery or gibberish. As I have nothing to prove, I do not care for mockery or ignorance. If you do not want to read , you CHOOSE. You also CHOOSE To see or not SEE.

If you have something better to say, go write it yourself. Creators create and fools mock.

Because a brain does not know itself , it is unable to see its double mindedness , therefore it takes the way it behaves as NORMAL. Because most of the other humans surrounding you also process information in the same way bicamerally or split then you cannot see this is not in fact a healthy way of processing and the errors incurring from this. The brain also makes pathways or tracks which means that anytime new information comes in , it must first walk down its original path. This is a huge waste of time because in fact the pathway may be wrong but even if it is right it is slow. It is like finding a new destination but going the old way . To travel in the brain is like the difference between travelling at the speed of light or being driven in a slow cart with broken wheels. Memorising is a very slow route and most true things need no memorising for they simply unite universally once they are seen.

This brain then goes in a roundabout and goes around and around , “ ever learning but never coming to the full knowledge. “ When it awakens in the morning , it often forgets the prior convictions and changes. I study psychology but am aware of the shortcomings of psychology for they do not understand the brain at all and its shortcomings. They believe that you can make a brain aware of itself but a brain is split and arguing and cannot remote view itself . That is why most of Hollywood see their shrinks but still end up self destructing. The brain is self destructive and you will see this and how Lamar Odom who was a rich man could not escape his vices. He had the world at his feet so to speak and a beautiful wife and yet he had to cheat, he had to go on drugs and eventually he overdosed and was found at a brothel. His brain now has forgotten much and his speech is slurred. He has to relearn everything slowly. This is the brain of man that is self destructive and his own worst enemy. It is the Satan we are looking for.

The energy transmitted through the spine is so huge that it can lead to the brain being overloaded and then epilepsy happens and bipolar and schizophrenia and voices, split personality and headaches, migraine, tiredness, Alzheimers. One bordering on genius is the most bipolar and may hear ringing in the ears as the energy grows so strong and experience nausea from overload. Science has not fathomed this yet and treats these diseases incorrectly. How can a pill, a little pill with its code inside it be more powerful than a mind and by mind I do not mean brain for the sum of a thing is greater than the portion of its parts. A pill we swallow is coding but we can also encode correct messages through the soul which dwells in the heart.

A person may recognise its shortcomings through the brain and know what to do but it has no power to act or it may act and not feel it but inside be wishing to escape the whole time and be untrue to itself and fake. That is why most people lead double lives or triple lives. They are caught between a rock and a hard place and trapped in their own brains unable to achieve their potential. Only few have broken through and escaped such as Da Vinci, Tesla and rare geniuses. The rest were masters but not masters of self and eventually , they self destructed.


The body is simply a machine to house an invisible force for it is the force behind it that is the essence not the body itself. One day they may be able to make bodies close to human ones but they cannot contain real souls or create ones. A soul is uncreated and this portion of what I am speaking of will be little understood by those reading it , unfortunately. We cannot base ourselves on a machine. A machine can err and its a temple of ourselves or the house of us. It is not us. The machine must be subject to us

The bodies of people are very complex but they are also only machines. They are like a beast of burden or vehicle for our lives.

A machine cannot govern itself and has no free will. In this life it may seem we have free will but when you then see that we follow a society standard you then realise that the question of free will is incumbent. There are even rules for how a book should be written and that it should be referenced to be respected and also it helps if you have a degree to quote after your name. When you break these standards even for good, you are seen as an outsider or maligned. My mum is a genius when it comes to art. Her art is so unique that it is not yet understood or appreciated to the pinnacle it should be. One day her art work TAPESTRY OF LIFE will be sold at over a million dollars and this is because she paints fearlessly and breaks the known rules. To copy a thing is not inspiration. Inspiration comes from something that bypasses the brain, and cannot be understood but only felt. Genius comes from GENESIS meaning to be new or create. Copying is not creating but the inspiration can move upon you to transform the known into the unknown. Nothing is lost but only transformed.

As Paul said, “ be ye transformed by the renewing of your minds. “ These ancient people spoke of things that have been lost upon the world and not understood at all.


Inspiration is as the wind moving and one does not know where it comes from but only that it moves. Inspiration is something from the soul that bypasses the slow route. This was accessed by Beethoven at the age of four and that is why he could have musical masterpieces and play as if he was possessed. Because he only allowed this soul energy into part of his life , eventually the other side , the machine of man took over and it took him to self destruction as all the great masters who lost mastership of themselves.

Inspiration can come in a dream and then the person awakens and has the answer. This is as Tesla said to be a receiver in the universe and accept its speech. Mankind respects degrees but it forgets the Bible of the universe lays before you as Newton said untapped while you content yourself with a pebble on the shore. Da Vinci said, “ learn to see how everything is connected. “

There is an instinct which animals use but I would not still quote this as being as soulful as what a humans can be for a human has something an animal does not , it has something that bypasses time-it has imagination. Imagination you may see as being something that doesn’t travel but is merely a thought but once you realise the whole universe is merely a thought and coding of words-A UNIVERSE-you then realise that imagination does travel. It is a power of the gods. It is not limited to time or place. In your imagination you can perceive more than you. I can tell you to push forward beyond time and you can.

An animal eats grass with no ceremony but humans due to their imagination invent skillful and cunning ways to celebrate the commonplace. We have fancy dishes and we decorate our tables and eat with utensils . We have candles and tapestries. All we do is elaborate. We appreciate the things that are intricate and inspired.

Science fiction writers have seen the future and some prophets or inspired people. This means in a sense they travelled but not in their body but in their spirit. This travelling is not precisely what I refer to as the soul use as the process is something I cannot accurately describe but I know that once I had headaches to the point of nausea and now my mind is balanced and orderly and something is in charge of it beyond the brain. When I write, I write by mere instinct. Whilst others respect degrees, I have degrees but I respect only the degrees of the universe. The universe has infinity before it and took an eternity and it speaks to me. There is no one on earth that is as wise as the universe in its communication.


A scientist did not invent you or bring you here. The pope and ministers did not bring you here but the universe by any name it is known brought you here. It gave you something impossible to have-it gave you life. It is impossible to exist when you think about it so if the universe could make your existence possible than its possibilities are beyond our fathomings. Who on earth should I fear or bow down to when they do not pull the constellations on a string or harness the sun to come up? They do not hold the clouds in their hand . They do not pull the ocean on its tide or ride the north pillars of energy in the solar system. Let them stand before a great mountain and see it topple and quake and then tell me if they are great. Who will save me from the giant rocks if they choose to fall or a comet if its destination is towards earth? Who can set the moon in the sky or make another of you?

Then you wish me to bow down to their degrees? You wish me to follow only their learned precedents and whilst I respect much of their garnered knowledge, it is not from them that this is acquired but from the universe and they did not create their minds or the language of understanding. I therefore claim a higher authority that of the universal consciousness. As the psalmist David said, “ day unto day utters speech and night unto night the language thereof. ‘ He was speaking of the universal communication for the stars cannot follow their paths without communication.

The wise people of the world may argue till they are black and blue in the face and they may declare their wisdom but there is a higher wisdom hidden in the rocks of earth that cry out. A monolith is more ancient than them and has within it huge magnetic inherent energy. Rocks were here before the sun and the great Mt Everest also was here before the sun. Stand before this and tell me who is so great? Let the queen tell this mountain to move then I can proclaim her greatness. We fear their political machinations and war but there is a universal power that call it what you choose or even ignore it yet it is greater.

You may ask what truth is there in the universe or what facts.

There is one fact and one truth that you are the door to the universe, you are the way, you are the truth and the life. Only through you can you ascertain the facts that you exist and therefore if you want something more sure or more certain , take a look at yourself and the fact that you exist. Some may argue their religions, may argue their certainties but until you exist there is no possibility of any argument or knowledge.

Your EYE must first open on the world and that makes you an I. To be or not to be is therefore the greatest thing in the world. Your eyes are more than your eyes. For you may be blind but you still have eyes. An eye is a window of perception of consciousness. Anyone who is conscious has an eye meaning AN I or a state of being in this world of perception of it therefore to be closed off in consciousness makes you blind to the universe. When you are blind to the universe your eyes need annointing again , to see anew.” If your eye is not full of light or open to the universe , it is not fit for anything but to be cast away” spoke the mysterious verse. This is true for a person who does not exist and have the joy of life or JESU inside which stands for greatest joy of existence then , there is point of being. You may have all in the world but what does it profit if you have lost your soul or EYE. Hollywood stars have so much yet self destruct. The book of the world is full of people who had all but were not satisfied or full.

The Egyptians knew the symbol of the eye and its importance and that is why the eye was depicted everywhere . In the book of Revelation the ancient man also knew this and spoke of a great being with eyes all about meaning perception all about or a great consciousness. It is irrelevant to you what is truth and what is not until you exist. Therefore in order to cultivate greatness, you must cultivate your eye first, your view of the world.


Mona Lisa is a good example of this. She is the eye looking calmly upon the world. She is the observer. Her true name was LA GIACONDA which means illumined soul. Illuminations mean knowledge or light that fill the eyes, an openness to be a receiver in the universe. Mona Lisa’s shawl is like a snake showing this snake energy and there is left and right as a clear division before her but she is androgynous in her mind which is why she smirks calmly and appears neither male or female.

There is a bridge behind her showing the bridging of life and this snake energy and also, she has the no 72 hidden in her eye which is encoded in all religions and all scientific codes . She has two eyes so 72 x 2 is 144. This 144 code is the code that was spoken of by Edward Leedskalnin who built coral castle by Tesla who referenced it as 3/6/9 , by Revelation , by the great pyramid which has 144,000 stones and by the Mayans who referenced this no also. I will explain part of this secret later on but keep this in mind for now that the 144 code hides the secrets of the universe in every way and is more than just a number. For a man or woman to be wise and smart this number must be understood. You may understand many secrets of the world if you do not understand this number you do not have wisdom as you believe for you do not understand the universal principles. This number is erroneously debated about on the internet in confusion bringing people into more confusion.

It is funny that people will seek the answers on the internet forgetting they themselves are the eye of the world, the link or receiver in its chain of universal networking. Inside each person is written the history of the universe and around us all. Yet, we go to others for the answers and copy these answers painstakingly and dutifully. We believe IQ tests to show our true intelligence but true intelligence cannot be shown by a preset test. If intelligence is creativity and newness , an old assessment cannot possibly determine the value of a hitherto unknown thing.