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If the universe decides to contact someone it will not ask the scientists or the authorities for permission so though many scoff at this, they also scoff at anything is not in their box of knowledge which contains not much for then earth would not be a Babylonian mess of insane leaders and yet, there is much good and I see the potential of humans and they don’t.


Religions are like viruses and always a new one, dividing. DIVIDE YOU CONQUER.

There never was a religion but man kind made it to separate from knowing the truth. I call it playing hide and seek.  The brain of man cannot face truth directly so puts an intercessor between, a barrier, a name, an ideology and never a direct contact.

All religions, myths , science , evolution, psychology and so forth are just branches off the same tree but are divided and encoded by no one but yourself. All art is encoded too by you to hide from the truth and to reveal it subtly.

This division is utilised by elite and they know that if they can divide , they conquer. It is evident , this method is working. They turn one against another and nobody can see IT IS ALL ONE. There is only one sun and one universe which created us and we are not races or creeds but human beings who have lost humanity.

One blames muslims for problems, another America, another jews, another catholics and its never endless. Doesn’t mean I agree with any of them or disagree. I agree and disagree with all for in you is truth and the KEY TO FREEDOM WAS ALWAYS YOURS.  Can a great mind be ruled over by apes? NO. Then indeed, if you are ruled over, it is because the consciousness is lacking and the self responsibility of facing the universe  and opening to its power.

I do not wish to master others but myself. I do not wish to fight the imaginary shadows like Don Quixote. When I have fought  Da Vinci’s demons within me= I am free.


Everyone wants your money, your eye power, your mass support but you only need to face yourself and the universe. When you have done this, you will be free.