Little seed, little seed you are tiny

But if you opened to the light

How mighty you could be

Plant germs , plant germs

And you will reap worms

Plant beauty where you are

You will sow a tapestry of cosmic stars

Here I am , Here i am.  I am not far

You don’t align the sun ,  why do you war?

You fight as if you made the universe

You battle each other-every day me curse

If i wanted today , to turn the sun away

Tell me mortal man, what could you say?

You build churches and want me to obey

My respect shows that I don’t your games play

You think I have no feelings, don’t hear or see

That I don’t exist or am carved of stone ,idolatry



You listen to your leaders who are small as ants

And they take your lands with no recompense

The scientists boast they know , they do not know

They didn’t make the universe , their ideas are hollow


How they mock and taunt, and how patient I am

I am not in heaven. I am in plain sight, mortal man

The universe is made of sound so get a sound mind

Images are a layer, your outer eyes are truly blind

I counsel you to buy from me gold tried in the fire

That you might anoint your eyes , see you’re a liar

If i projected an image and you saw me in the sky

You would still pronounce it , a word of a lie


From morning to night, you sell and buy lies

Your number is six six six and you close your eyes

You believe the ones who kill your innocent and war

You listen to the tv screens but not to me any more


Go to a forest human, tell me what you hear

Go to a cascade, as it rushes down in tiers

Did you make this water , this water that you drink?

Scientists boast and pollute it, mortal man, time to think

You want a reason , come let us reason together

Tell me have your ways worked , if this can go on forever?

You despise my people , mock them and think them weak

These ones will inherit the earth, the ones you see as meek


Let there be light dear human, is all I ask

Be like a tree by water, its not a hard task

Water is free dear human, take up your flask

Drink from the everlasting stream , in its wonder bask


Come face to face with me be like a man

You say you are mighty, FACE ME IF YOU CAN

Let us take a journey into the world I uphold

Tell me if your leaders maintain it, come and BEHOLD

Let us count the stars together, see if you may

Let us go and watch the north pillar energies play

I have storehouses where energy multiplies

Look upon it , human,  see if you won’t die.


Have you opened Orion’s Gate, seen my private rooms?

Let me give you the sun on a string, see if you will swoon?

Is it possible dear human you have spoken too soon?

Come now set your face against an ant and its platoon

Tell me if the ants , will of your power be afraid?

Tell me if you by you they will not be dismayed?

Have you counted the grains of sand in the land?

Can you take the ocean and cup it in your hand?


Tell me dear human if you can atoms with naked eyes see


Oh earthling , if only you knew what dreams I had for you

If only you could feel my heart beating the universe through

What would you say then, what reason would  you bear?

If you don’t feel each other’s sorrow , would you of mine care?

Every day you turn away, from each other’s cries

Then indeed I tell you, never upon me shall you set your eyes


Here I am dear human,  you will find me if you seek

How can I contend with you? Are you not indeed weak

Yet truly  I do not set my mind against your’s

Only your leaders as devouring beasts roar

Size is not relevant , I find speech in those who learn

When I speak to each of you, my heart like flames burns

You are my challenge indeed, my sorrow and my shame

And yet did I not make you? No one shall I blame.

Lend me your ears, A secret I shall tell. Listen and listen very well.

You are all creators, you either create or destroy

You must learn respect for each other. My creation is not your toy


All this tribulation has made me greater than I am

You are my challenge humans, I learn or I am damned

What if I turned away, destroyed you and what next?

I would learn nothing, in a universe, empty none the less

I do not want robots, only you and your leaders do

I only ask stubborn human, ” to thine own heart be true.”

Did I not call you forth from the darkness of universal force?

Did you know your name or understand your worth?

Did I not cover you with my hand in all your abominations?

Did you not survive, the deluge, the wasteland, the tribulations?

Then I tell you , It does not matter what you have done

Though you have erred, Turn away now, the future can be won

I will not scold you  if you listen, nor mention your past

Come let us walk together into an eternal path

I am THE CREATOR. I know what you can be

Do not go astray and come on , follow me


Though you are broken as a doll, together you can be repaired

It will take time but the future is your’s if you dare

I am not here human to make you feel small

I am here to uplift you and guide you, whatever may befall

Nothing is perfect humans but love makes it so

As long as we are not alone, new ways we both can know


Do not think I am mocked , laws don’t apply

I will protect my creation, eventually those who destroy die

But I will give you chances, let you have your way

But everything comes to a crux , universal laws stay

I did not make them to thwart you or have fun

The universe was built in wisdom. That’s how all things are done.

If you stab your loved ones, do you think they will return?

There are clear laws and these things you must learn.

If you touch the fire , will you not have third degree burns?

You teach your children ways but from me you won’t discern.


Can you live in the sun and not your body burn and die?

Then you need to grumble and ask me oh why oh why?

I also have something to reconcile with you

You have turned against my people though they are few

You scorn them , mock them, poor now they be

This has been done in and out of my name , in history.

You tell me they are , nobody in society’s eyes

When  I see their hearts, they listen, hearts wear no disguise

I give them messages and you don’t test the message ever

You always decide before hand, that you are so clever

But when your leaders come to you and scientists with news

You hurry to turn on your televisions and the radio too

Have you ever looked on the movie screen that I set out for you?

Sometimes I watch and  ask myself. Oh what shall I do?

Have you seen my tasks and how I am preoccupied

Yet you see me as non existent think that I have died.

Each one of you argues, says I am allah or God

But has anyone asked me , who I am and for my word?


Atheists and religions , tell me rules of which I must conform

May I ask you human, who formed you before you were born?

Do you think indeed that I am a pharaoh on a throne

Do you think the heavens don’t move and I am set in stone?


Who upholds the stars in space and the constellation’s face?

Who keeps you when you slumber so the earth doesn’t open its face

Have you considered the dirt beneath you, the energy I sustain

The clouds of the heaven and the paths of the north and rain?

Have you come to my house and had dinner with me?

That you should announce how well  you know me truly

Based on your outcomes on earth, should I take your advice?

Should I shut down the heavens and their glory wipe?

Should I be afraid? Should I hide and not be me?

Tell me dear human for I made you, where is your humanity?

Did I not provide you enough, land that is now under a crown?

Woe to you in a not distant future when burning stones, rain down?

Then you will seek me I tell you but you will not find

For you have had chances but you made up your mind

It is not I that turns against your or the asteroid sends

You do not know your history, on your leaders you depend

If the earth opened up under you what would you do

Tell me where are your boasts? Old boasts and not new


Thousands of years you’ve had and nothing’s changed

Should I then give you ultimate power when you are deranged?

NO, indeed  I have put a seal on things , an in built protection

It is  a flashing sword, opens only to those with the right inspection

You may look on earth and no secrets or mystery you’ll see

I have reserved those wonders for those who respect me

Want me to come down there? Will you teach me your ways?

May I ask you how many years you need, may I count the days?

May I ask are there not resources for all those who weep

While you accuse each other , the enemy sows seeds as you sleep


Why do you fight  and war so , are you not all one ?

Arise , shine , he who hears,  Open up, . your light has come

Just open as Tesla said as telescopes,  receivers to the sun

You are the moon and I am the sun, together , we are universe=ALL OF US ONE.



let there be light