The secret humans don’t know is who we truly are . That I will not reveal as humans cannot bear it but what I can reveal is THE MASK.

every human to a greater or lesser degree is wearing one. What is underneath ? That will only be seen when the mask drops .

The double minded , complicitous liar will strike at you if you attempt to remove the mask . Underneath the niceness of a sheep is a wolf. Sheep are wolves . You can’t be a sheep without having the heart of a wolf for the master of the sheep is the wolf . The sheep want to pretend it’s the scape goats fault , to blame a religion , a group , a colour. In reality , they enjoy being meek because they are complicit to the game .

Nice and manners is most valued in sheep /wolf society  . You can eat them but they will never acknowledge they are complicit to being eaten . You must never unmask them as not being nice .

What is nice ? To obey a world full of lies ? Many cheaters and liars call themselves nice . Nice then is an insulting word to a good person for nice people wait in lines , obey a system that keeps people slaves , nice people are enablers and bow  down . Nice people must appear pleasant and fit in even if the world is falling apart . To be nice is more important to the sick human mind than to be right , noble or truthful or have freedom .

“shhh ” they say . ” Dont let the neighbours hear you .. why are you so agitated , you’ve lost your mind , your over reacting .”

I dare you to disclose to these humans that nice is fake and you will see how quickly you lose them as a friend . They’ll hang up on you , act as if your mad . They want to cling to their beliefs , play a role , hide behind the mask because the truth of who they forgot they are ( secret of humanity it is not ready to hear  ) is what they protect .

There is a world wide covenant to protect this secret and every human is hiding from it subconsciously . The better people are the ones who by degrees began to face self responsibility .

The rest will blame trump, the boss , groups , anyone but them . Nice , yes people are complicit . They allowed hitler to come to power .In  a way the mass murderer is the outpouring of our deepest desires we are afraid to do ourselves . Enabling and complicitness , roles and masks fit most humans and our systems




As a Freemason , I must say truth sets you free . I must face the dark places in me I am afraid of , the monsters in me – we all have them .

Nice humans wear masks to themselves . If you don’t lie to yourself , you will find it harder to lie to others .

Next time you see a nice person , ask yourself has nicenesss changed the world ??

Judas will betray you with a kiss .

We go to war but we do it nicely , in uniform , in order . New world order is just order . Order of niceness and image must be maintained. On earth image is everything .

The one who wants to destroy you will become your friend first , your lover . The one who hurts you the most will in general have the softest voice , the nice exterior .

I have had many married men chase me who think they are nice . They don’t argue with their wife . No one knows their secret life . They are nice . They are pleasant until you remove the mask . Their life can’t be whole , it is safe boxes divided and split . People are vessels for use . A home life suits them well to have constant adoration then they receive other gratifications from elsewhere. They go to dinners and BBQs and appear nice .  They speak in gracious tones .

Judas was nice . He betrayed with a kiss .

Beware the kiss of the human serpent !!

Red riding hood knew the wolf wasn’t grandma . Red riding hood got in bed with the wolf and then said ” what fine claws you have grandma and sharp teeth ,”she pretended she could not see grandma was looking very weird . This is the enabling of sheep and complicity .

We sometimes allow others to make us victims because we are complicitous to their treachery and in league of legion . Our intuition told us but we didn’t listen . We were enablers .

Then we protested after the deed was done , we were horrified . That’s what happened when hitler and the dictator ceauascu was downed , the human enablers screamed “victimisation ” but they had enthroned their own eater. The sheep always allow the wolf in for they are not leaders of Selves . They like it easy and to follow . They like to scape goat . They like to look nice as if the rottenesss in society was done by someone else .

We are good and evil .. own who you are and don’t lie to yourself and the truth will set you free.

Pretend you are better than you are and you destroy yourself . Delve into the deep , dark places within . Trying to be good won’t work , you will just cover up a rotting apple with toffee .


Every human is capable of deceit , murder , of wrong doing . On the other hand we are capable of beauty and mercy , love and kindness . Face yourself and own yourself and don’t try to be something you’re not .

The truth comes out eventually . Time will disclose all things .

You may gain the whole world but you’ll lose your own soul , your true self beyond physicality . The brain rots in the grave , trust it not . Beware you don’t betray yourself and hang your self like judas for every action has a consequence and “‘what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive ..”

Teachers molest children , priests also , who do you know and trust ?? People use charities and religions and political parties to gain advantage . Serial killers were often married and had normal jobs . Some were religious . Family members most often destroy us . Friends run off with our partners .  Who do you know ? Who do you trust ?

The quiet neighbor next door does he have a head hiding in his fridge? Is he complicIt to a system leaves millions worldwide starving ? The one who loves you cheats on you . Who do you know ? Who do you trust ?

You decide !! Beware the masks ! Stand back and observe .. you will be shocked .


The truth of humanity is a REVELATION.