One day has 1440 mins
Great pyramid designed for 144000 casing stones
Revelation speaks of the 144,000
Mayans called the 144,000 a long count
72 is hidden everywhere in bible
Moses had 72 bells on his robe
There are 72 Elohim in bible though it says one god ( code)
Koran promises love of 72 virgins in paradise
Egyptians said 72 gods were shut in a coffin causing a disaster
Mona Lisa has the no 72

72x 2 is 144
Speed of light is said to travel this way in arc
Harmonics of 72/144 and so on …
7x 2 is 14 and 4 + 1 is 8 code to infinity
One week has 7 days
Creation in bible was said to have been done in 7 days ( code for 7 degrees )

6x 144,000 is 864,000 which is diameter of sun

144000 divided by 666 is 216.216.216
666 is mans number and we have 6 carbon 6proton 6electron so bible is correct in saying we made on sixth day it’s a metaphor for saying we made 6th degree.

2160 is the years is takes a constellation to complete its zodiac

12 is the number of zodiacs we have

12 x 12 is 144

Disciples in bible we’re 12
We have 12 months in a ‘year
12 grades of school
12 hours in half a day
12 eggs in dozen
12 strands of DNA but most unused and unactivated meaning we have not evolved or using our full potential . Humans generally use 2 strands only so we are not using and missing power of 10
strands.. so if this happened what would happen ? Would we be super human light beings ? Mind over matter ? Beat any disease ? Then humans argue that what we are now is normal. No such thing as normal . Our potential is unlimited and missing . We were designed to be super man but we have not activated it .

Bible spoke of 12 tribes in code
Norse mythology speaks of 12 sons of the gods
Muslims say are 12 immams following Muhammad .
Joseph in bible had 12 brothers

The code of this is much deeper and More hidden than can reveal but it seems none of the religions and myths are wrong simply misunderstood and forgotten .
This code 144 is code to universe
And Edward leedskalnin was a man built a rock mystery alone called Coral castle utilising some of this principle . One can only find this code alone as offical explanations are not wrong or right .. but not right . It’s a wholistic secret with many levels and a human could use this code for any worthwhile and positive purpose . It’s levels mean one must push through 144,000
To overcome an average human and activate and unlock all strands .
Seems the story of Jesus and superman and Horus may not be so silly after all but most humans have not reached this level.

Jesus finished his ministry at 33 years
3×3 is 9
Woman is pregnant 9 months
3/6/9/12 etc is code to universe
Trinity is part of this secret
Masons have 33 degrees
And vertebrae in our spine is 33!!

Upside down 9 is 6 .
2 x 33 is 66. 666 is mans number .
Bible has 66 books chosen especially for a code .
6 plus 6 is 12

2 plus 1 is 3 = trinity

Geometria is magic and not understood . It unlocks secrets to universe
Bible says it’s encoded 7 times
So it’s not understood only been examined by simple minds at kindergarten level
And believed or dismissed . Geometria unlocks it only. Myths are encoded too
And we are also encoded and sealed off, our very DNA has the secrets locked in and untapped .

Who are you ? Just an average human ? Think again ?

Maybe your just pretending .,.

Deep within us is the power of infinity if unlocked
!!!seek and find !!!
Maybe that’s why last book in bible is a revelation and a revelation is a shocking secret !! It’s literally meaning that once you have a revelation. You realise who we are , our purpose , our limits and our potential and the secrets hidden within and around us .. but then you have to unlock them . The worshipping trick was for fools . Whoever worshiped was a fool and didn’t have the revelation . Whoever dismissed it didn’t have it either . Within us are revelations and it means to see clearer and know stuff and to unlock universe .

A revelation can be bad too as in to find out things going to dogs and where our choices have led us .

Seems the ancients made these books and myths for a reason and they survived thousands of ‘years for a reason and not because they silly after all . A code is hard to unlock . Some hieroglyphics have never been deciphered . Same goes for myths and bible . It clearly says it’s encoded and that you need a key 🔑.
Think we know ? Think again !!

What does it mean someone unlocked part of ? Is that significant! It states it will be unlocked when knowledge is increased and many run to and fro . today we travel fast and have internet and are in Information Age .So now it’s been partially unlocked by someone . Or you wouldn’t be here reading this .

The prophet in vision wept as no one could unlock it he said yet when people read it why did they think they had ? Hmmm seems silly now it clearly states this that he wept
That no man could unlock it . And the higher being comforts him and promises someone will and the book was sealed until that time which meant prior to That time could someone unlock it ? Don’t know !!!

Yet in people’s face they’ve read it over and over ignoring this and never having a revelation which means it’s shocking new and topsy Turvy of expectations .

It was written in. A 7 x codex which is nearly impossible to decipher and that means geometria is key for it clearly speaks of numbers and numbers is also third book of bible and Yet people ignored the code ?? Goes to show something can be in front of your eyes and you don’t see it .

Maybe we got other things wrong too and ignored ? Things in plain sight ? Only universe can open our eyes to the magic and help us ?

After all under any other name and understanding
It made us .

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