img_2044Jesus did away with the old law meaning Old Testament was not a good guidebook then we have one book of Jesus in 4 angles , or 4 view points . So technically bible is one tiny book and last book chosen for bible is revelation and in revelation it says all bible is sealed and cannot be understood till the unsealing so basically you have no books ???

And one thing contradicts another so the arguments of bible being valid or invalid are irrelevant when in itself is said that it’s actually encoded and a two edge sword . This fact is so simple but people follow whatever… each one follows something different but all gone astray .

Jesus also said to take up your own cross meaning you had to walk and you had to be born again and kingdom of heaven was in you . Egyptians and bhuddha and most great men or women said this too . Jesus kept Things pretty basic and at no point did he say he would die for anyone or take their sins away. this was assumed by the Jews and the Christians after. Catholics declared him a god and made a religion from a man who was basic and sought only self ownership and growth .This was never stated by himself and he spoke in simple parables . If it’s all encoded too and old law gone then one must understand we are speaking of two minds , one old mind sees a scapegoat and lamb and a new mind puts himself on the cross , takes responsibility and transforms in the journey .

The bible is in essence two minds, two witnesses and an old mind will not understand a new mind . The revelation is that man 666 is the one who must unlock himself to understand and the seals
Open and he must do this by ” he who he’s an ear let him hear ” by having an open mind and listening to voice of universe because the bible is locked and so is the mind 7 times and 7 is also the days of creation ( 7 degrees of creation or 7 spheres not days as its metaphorical and encoded )meaning all creation Is locked and man to it and it to Man .

There is no bible that’s the revelation , all the story of life is a in two books one of death or life meaning DNA and Words and actual reality . There are no books and no books can save you nor can you take them with you to the grave or in the grave .

When you die , you die alone .

The sad and harsh reality is that your brain and body rot and that no belief can bypass physics but like goes to like .

In alchemy , we know Theres a spirit essence and it is this spirit essence alone can survive death and if the soul is empty of spirit essence then nothing bypasses death .

How can one have spirit essence ? You reap what you sow . Sow invisible things and you reap invisible things. More you judge not with eyes of the world but with soul , more you will sow in the invisible soul world .

The brain will rot . Can you rely on it?
That’s the Revelation !!

No book of Law , no government , no loved one , no promises can come with you into the grave – only you and you alone , the soul A SOLE ENTITY.

It’s too late to think about death after death . One must sow life after death now . One must think non image related things now and. Make decisions would not be ashamed of in its higher self and being self responsible . No one else can go for you . They are only false hopes .

A coal itself stands under pressure and it Changes . A caterpillar commits autolysis in its cocoon and it changes not
Someone else , not a saviour or scapegoat .

So , who do you want to be ? Do you see with image eyes of money , looks , fame
And ego? All this will pass and people age and die . You will one day die . So , do you see any spirit things , to see with your heart and soul and not let the worlds lies
Swallow you up . The world is full of promises but a dead carcass like the old man and the sea , bringing a Skeleton to shore .

You choose but like belongs with like. You cannot bypass physics and the invisible moves the visible so get to know things INSIDE OUT.


Even the bible should be seen this way then and not read literally but in parables meaning to decode .  Every situation in life too can be used as a learning curve and to understand a deeper meaning in the cosmos ( within us ).

When we see people , we tend to judge them on looks immediately and this is shallow .

Reality shows depict glamorous people doing glamorous things and having money even if some don’t but are broke , they must be shown to be popular and enjoy spending sprees . Their deep moments are not shown of who they truly are . Upon analysis , we find them empty vessels and liars . What happened to the simple life ? Are we really happier making big monetary deals and driving a glamorous vehicle and is not our world more polluted and people fatter and sicker ? The sickness is within and ” as within so without “.

The bible has been around for two thousand years and it’s followers have not changed the world . Jesus also said that many searched the scriptures as if in them was the truth . Solomon said ” of making many books is no end and much study is weariness of the flesh .”

Truth and the book of life are not found in a book and you can’t take it with you nor has it made any change .


Inside of ourselves is the change made in the journey . Truth itself makes no change . It’s the journey of seeking makes the change . Being given truth is like a picture of a mountain . The journey of Truth is to climb the mountain  .

There is no bible for our DNA itself has more knowledge than all the bibles in world . One man can read the  bible or any holy book and go kill or use it as an excuse and another can do great things inspired by it , so wasn’t the book but the inner purpose and choice and perspective.

I read many books and I have found I am the book . The word is either in me or not in me . If it’s not in me then it won’t be found elsewhere but books can be wells of knowledge but it’s the one who drinks that makes the difference .

One person can drink water and commit mass murder and another can use the water in his body to reflect on great things and help people , so was no book saved that person but a personal choice.

You will find what you seek for so ,  WHAT DO YOU SEEK?  If you seek you will find .

When you live you live alone even if others around you . Get sick and you’ll realise this , no one you love can really be with you and when you die your entirely alone . We all walk alone with the illusion we are not alone . Everyone disappears to you when you don’t exist, they exist only in you . Every truth also , exists only in you and every reality . The word is in you then not in the bible or any book 📚. In a way , the universe is inbuilt into you and only parts of it unlocked to you .

If you unlock yourself can you unlock more ?

When a super intelligent being reads a book he : she sees differently , different races will see things differently . Each draws out what they see .

The eye of the viewer then is paramount and it must be full of light not the book . A book or life any experience can only be what the viewer makes of it. The  book in itself has no power .