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If we don’t think we aren’t.

“Uni -verse “:world made of words or codex.

Universe is a bible made of words and spells – codex . Frequency is  codex ,energy is only codex .

If your code changes you change and this is called DNA and if your code was for an ant you would be an ant 🐜.

So , I study codex to unlock universe.

DNA and plants and seeds- codex .viruses are codex too for computer or body or mind.

So the spell fairytale is not so silly of sleeping princess . We could be under a spell, literally , Locked in by patterns of thought , of being , of codex .

And new codes open new windows hence they named Microsoft windows By accident or through some awareness of this secret?

And every sense is in fact a window, an opening into universe, allowing in codex …here we have words, Transmitted
As code in energy pockets . And they come from thoughts .


” in beggining was the word “It’s saying creation is from word .And not so silly now hey !!! It’s saying thought Is creation or god or everything .

So now do you know why I study codex ?


Dreams  are code too.



there are no lies then only codex and the bible Itself taken literally is Babylon a mess just like the human mind , but deciphered , its a book of genius and cannot be read from start to finish but ” line upon line , here a little and there a little ” seeking for codex .

Treasure is always hidden and so are gems of esoteric knowledge. Nothing worth having is in open. It is hidden and you dig  for it . It’s like pearls hidden deep within and swine will not value pearls as they have not sought for them .

A map is only as good as the person seeking . You can’t blame a map for being lost when you are the one mapping journey and when the map could be encoded .  Would you leave the revelation of the universe in plain sight or make it a maze so only true worthy seeker will find it ? The answer is plain and clear , treasures are not handed out on a platter nor keys to hidden cities .

2 fools exist one who believes and one who discards . A wise man makes poison into treasure and knows his garden has weeds and he is responsible for his upkeep .

Your neighbor may be lazy and you blame his Bad garden  on his book and give up but all is good and evil and seeds and  weeding are of our choosing , don’t maintain your house and garden it falls in disrepair . Nor do you give up on your garden if your neighbors is faulty .

Codex means the seeds are of your choosing and the book of life contains Both .. weeds can be used  too for medicine with wisdom and this is wisdom .

you are good and evil and can summon both and this is free will so it’s not a book makes you evil or people around you but your eye.

What codes are in your mind for as you think in your heart , so you truly are !


DO NOT BLAME THE COOKBOOK WHEN YOU ARE THE CHEF . Recipes can be adapted or not followed . Bible is a recipe book and so is education and all around you but you are the chef 👨‍🍳.  You choose your recipes and you make sure your restaurant serves it well . Blame the recipe book it is you who are a fool but earth is full of fools and wisdom is not easy to find .

In English 26 letters have infinite meanings and so is codex . All things must be looked at in codex and our mind pulls out and creates meaning and just like you can’t understand all languages , so codex can be hidden from mind .

If you speak an ancient language , what will my English mean to you and vice versa ? Meaning is something we endow and we cannot see until we decipher .

Universe is biblios meaning code and Babylon is scrambling of code .

Whole universe is biblios / Babylon-2 edged sword .

The decoder is paramount . Are you a believer , a prejudiced rejector or a decoder ?

A page is a field , a mind is a field . You do not reject your body if it has viruses but seek to heal it and overcome . You do not discard your garden because weeds grow . Nor do you discard a book or page if it contains some evil but you pick out the gems , you sift it and discard rest . You can collect the weeds and mulch or burn them .  Are you all good ? Do you enjoy something all good or is it boring ? Reality is it’s boring . Therefore the greatest puzzles hide the best gifts .

Humans in their faulty thinking pick sides , pick religions and pick ideologies but  a decoder doesn’t but seeks meaning in EVERYTHING. Even A bad situation can lead to good or a story where the character chose badly . The character in story believed their choice to be good and so you see it is in life , in movies and in the bible and all of life is a bible or biblios of codes.

If you Throw away a treasure chest because it contains some fake treasure , you will lose the real treasure . Bible and life is a treasure chest where you seek for the gems and polish them .

Why is that so hard to figure out ? We processs our food to make it palatable , we study meanings into art but we forget the ancient great minds spoke in codex . I write all my books in codex and sometimes the ideas seem silly but I know the hidden meaning . This makes the books interesting rather like a Rubix cube or an eternal puzzle you can always peruse .

We are a puzzle to ourselves but we do not discard ourselves .

A good tree draws good nutrients from the ground and a bad tree will focus to draw poison and create poison . Which tree are you ? Even poison in right quantities is good and one cannot know good unless one knows evil and, there is only one good- to know and predict outcomes -one evil to not know and so be ignorant and bring forth unknown fruit we are unhappy with .

we are the metaphorical Adam and Eve standing in front of a tree of life choosing the codes go in and some of the codes lead to death . We are in the garden of good and evil , how hard is that to figure out and we do reap what we sow – codex .

It is ”  alpha and omega ” uni verse of codex . This is our garden and our biblios codex seeds .

Seek and find !

THE REVELATION IS AT TIME OF HARVEST – you will reap what you have sown !!

You will be sealed into your choices when they come to fruition and no matter what your belief , you will be faced with the realisation of your choices and THIS IS THE ONLY REVELATION .

Be on guard lest you regret your choices and beware whose side you take as it could be the enemy ‘s.

Some people will appear to suffer turning away from the promised routes of the world but if they follow their souls and pick right seeds in the end their harvest will come to pass . Not all seeds will come up either , remember this .

EVERYWHERE.. seeds . Anything we do or think is a seed or codex . We choose !

Free will is scary but awesome and don’t worry every garden has weeds but don’t let it choke out the good plants or you starve and your lease will be accounted for .  Some weeds will be but pull them out if you can and don’t forget , weeds can return .

A garden is hard work but most rewarding -the codex of life .