Why are we so obsessed with hollywood and Kim kardashian ? We love – we hate – but these people don’t pay our bills .

Worst of all it Leaves you EMPTY INSIDE.

A wise man called Solomon once said ” the eye is never sick of seeing .”

Fact : we are obsessed with IMAGES.

when we say images , I mean – literally ! It doesn’t even have to be real .  We like that land of make believe and makeup . Nothing wrong with makeup and accessories btw but keep it minimal if possible and remember it’s not you . You are the soul inside . I will tell you a secret ..


Thats why we have to have laws and learn how to project charisma and win friends and influence people .  We study how to copy this and it’s ok to have a wall of protection but not a mask  . A mask is very dangerous because …



Our essence comes from more than images : it comes from being a soul with dreams and emotions and spiritual yearnings and sensitivities . Cover that up too much and your true power – the subconscious which creates – is lost and begins to fade . The mask must get bigger after this .

Let’s face another fact, what you see in Hollywood is not reality . No one looks like that in the cold light of day , not air brushed ; no ones perfect but we are PROJECTING AND PROTECTING AN ILLUSION .


IF only souls had before and after pics !!

Fact : everyone will die and age so get a soul . This material life is temporal and as a master 33, I have discovered reality has more layers than makeup . I do not own the image above nor am I making fun of her , of you , of me .  With respect , I am merely shedding the temporary layers we cover our true selves in .

I was watching a YouTube video of cardi b and this lady was likeable but something bothered me and I couldn’t quite place it ..eventually , I realised . She was doing this comical voice which was funny and cute and Yet disturbing … why ? Disturbing because I realised , She was acting . She had on a character , a role , a persona and stuck her enhanced breasts out because she knew – the world didn’t value the real her and it didn’t see souls !!


In Eyes Wide Shut film , it says the chilling  words that people couldn’t fathom:

” will you kindly remove your mask .”

!!!!! CHILLING!!!!!

Bare faced the person knew that they were not good enough for this secret echelon – something  was missing !! They had no true self to present and overcome the issues .

WHO are you when the worlds not  watching ? If you had the power to not be judged what would you do ? ARE YOU AFRAID TO KNOW YOURSELF AND TO KNOW YOUR MATERIAL BODY WILL DIE .Why can’t you look inside and find your real self ?


You are not an image because you change constantly from baby to every step in between and so does your image . If you could look perfect , would that be enough ?As image is ever changing and a perceptive illusion , who dictates your camouflage ?

Snakes shed skins and trees their leaves. Camouflage is inherent in nature but are you not deeper than a snake and tree ? Change is ever constant . Why do you change only your image instead of also polishing your soul?



Are you afraid to change your beliefs ?

Are you afraid to face your true self and learn of death and life and immortality ?

Afraid to learn of  ancient myths and world wide codes and meaning and purpose ?

If you died tonight , do you have the power to inhabit your soul which is merely the true you but vibrating at a higher frequency , higher than material manifestations which fade ??.

In order to have treasures in the soul , you have to lay treasures up , to collect and you can’t to that if you invest only in Hollywood and the land of actors .

You may watch them but when you feel empty and you will – come back to your soul -!remember my words and ” kindly remove your mask” at least when you are alone  .

After that you will watch them less often and keep it in perspective that it’s only image . ” image “. You will say ” will you kindly remove your mask .”


Why doesn’t Truth and kindness and character break the internet but Kim kardashians ass does !! ??

Apes regularly flaunt their ass .. an ass is just an ass and are we asses ?

Let’s keep ass in perspective and in addition remember ; the shallow world ONE DAY WILL LOVE YOU THEN HATE YOU- that’s what masked bandits do…

…They want controversy and they must destroy the idol they created and in  turn to raise it up again . They smash it to pieces then erect it again or get a new Idol , a new image .


An idol is a powerful thing .

Idolatry means to forget the symbol is less than the inner meaning. A bum is not  a person . Why are we idolising bums ?


How do you break the internet ?

Maybe its already broken when big asses make it go worldwide and amazing messages are ignored ..broken asses !!

From a Freemason who does not affiliate with the 1% but is in own league , I can only say in conclusion –

what if you needed to pay attention but you forgot ? “‘Kindly remove your mask .”

And go break  that internet with better messages than ass ass ,  bum bum .. dumb dumb .


If so , ” would you kindly remove your mask ?”

It could be your ass is bigger … or that you are the ass for worshipping ass .

If so , ” would you kindly remove your mask?”